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Making a Statement With Minimalist Modern Art

Good art is seen but great art is felt. Great art strikes emotion and has the power to alter your mood. Studies show, various colors have a direct correlation on our moods and feelings. Reds suggests fear, anger, and passion while soft blues elude calmness, trustworthiness, and strength.

There’s no doubt Incorporating art changes the entire ambiance of the room it’s showcased in. But incorporating art also plays a role in how we feel when we step in certain rooms of our homes. For example, in our living room, we may want a art piece that has hues of blue to calm and relax us after a long day. While, we may want a bold, burgundy art piece in our closets to encourage us of passion and sophistication. The fabulous thing about art is it’s so individualistic while also being an element to connect with others on.

The right color and texture of minimalist modern artwork can bring life and vibrance to a room. In this blog, we’ll show you ways to make a statement in your home with minimalist modern art.

Keep it Focal

When putting beautiful, statement art pieces in your home, it’s important to make sure they stay the focal point of the room. Otherwise, if there are too many statement pieces, they tend to blend together and don’t act as powerful. At Payton Addison Design Atelier, our motto is (insert a quote about focal pieces in a room). Stick to one focal piece per room. If you love several pieces of smaller art, try placing the smaller art pieces in a sequence so they create a larger look.

Add Art to Boost Inspiration

Art is a fantastic way to inspire thought and emotion. Use this to your advantage and place artwork in key areas of your home where you need a boost of creativity. If you’ve visited the Payton Addison Design Atelier office in Laguna Beach, you will see artwork placed throughout the walls and near our workstations.

Create Contrast

Pantone’s 2018 color of the year is an alluring, Ultra Violet. We love how this bold but soft color provokes visionary thinking and originality. The key with incorporating this color, or any other bold color is to create contrast against the wall it sits on. Place a bold color like Ultra Violet against a white wall for a dramatic factor.

We hope this blog has provided some inspiration with creating a statement with Minimalist Modern Art. Payton Addison Design Atelier designs and creates Minimalist Modern Art pieces that will bring balance and inspiration to your home. Contact us for more information.