About Payton Addison

Laguna Beach

Payton Addison

Payton Addison Inc., a name synonymous with luxury living and design, was founded in 2009 by Payton Addison.  Located in the heart of the HIP district along the coast this sought-after Laguna Beach Interior Designer specializes in all aspects of residential Interior Design.

She has built an exclusive repeat clientele with her creative and practical approach to the design-build of each project. A Payton Addison Home is elegant, relaxed and distinctive. Payton Addison has developed an exclusive black book of trade resources to create a seamless project from inception to fruition. Her stellar reputation and experience, along with the ability to produce results efficiently, has gained respect from the best architecture firms, builders and specialized craftsmen in the industry.

A commitment to quality and her trademark attention to detail ensures each client has peace of mind throughout the entire design-build process.


My environment

Here in Laguna Beach, beauty and inspiration are all around me. Most homes in this coastal enclave are perched on a hillside or cliff edge, with expansive ocean views. The blue-green ocean and the light reflecting off the water fill a room and change dramatically throughout the day, and by season. For me, that is the art that a home should highlight, and my Interiors leave space for the natural environment to take center stage. I’m also affected by the scent of the ocean, the tranquility and the beauty of the rest of the natural landscape. Being surrounded by beauty in my own daily life informs the way I design for others, whether their home is on the coast, in the desert, or in the mountains. I remember as I create interiors here in Laguna Beach, that the way a room frames the exterior is what brings both peace and vitality to a home.  


I believe a home’s interiors should be neutral so that the architecture makes the boldest statement. All materials and finishes should follow the architectural style and complement it.  If a home is designed with intention and in collaboration with the architect and interior designer from the very start, the architecture and interior finishes should be so in harmony, there is no need to over fill it with furnishings and accessories. Most of my projects have a tendency to be soft contemporary.  Less is more for me! Yet I don’t ever impose my style, but rather get to know the clients’ preferences so I can be the bridge between the architect’s plans and the clients’ vision.  No two jobs should look alike, each project is uniquely client-driven.

My Travels

I also get inspiration from my travels. American-made is a significant trend right now, but international influences are always fun to incorporate. I stay up to date on current materials and even trends, but I prefer to incorporate trends through accents and furnishings – items that can be transitioned easily without major renovations.  My goal is to give clients a look that is timeless and classic, but with an edge!

My Peers

My peers inspire me, too.  I scour the internet and social media for inspiration.  I may see something another designer has done, and that will spark an idea. I have even been inspired by a film. I’m always processing ideas and always designing.  My creative intake doesn’t shut off – ever!